United States of America

Study in the United States of America

The United States is widely recognized for its top-notch education system, exceptional curriculum, dynamic campus life, plentiful opportunities, and diverse atmosphere. A significant 70% of students worldwide aspire to pursue their education in the United States due to the presence of eight out of ten of the world’s leading academic institutions, which are ranked annually.

Currently, approximately 30% of students studying worldwide are enrolled in universities in the United States, with Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, Michigan State University, Washington State University, Harvard University, Stanford University, and Northeastern University being among the most favored.

Additionally, the United States offers a range of social programs and educational opportunities for international students who are interested in pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Students in the United States are required to declare their major before the second year of study, while other universities worldwide may necessitate students to specify their major at the beginning of the semester when applying.

Why Study Abroad in the United States of America

Attending high-quality and accredited institutions would be a significant advantage for international students, leading to a notable transformation in their personalities. In the United States, American students enjoy a splendid campus life, with opportunities to participate in various clubs, athletics, and societies aligned with their interests, leading to an exciting and eventful student experience. Communication poses no challenge since English is a widely spoken language in the United States.

Furthermore, international students have the chance to expand their social circle and make new friends from diverse and multicultural backgrounds. Given that the United States is a melting pot of different races and ethnicities, international students can meet people from unique backgrounds. Academic excellence is also a hallmark of the United States’ education system, and graduates can expect to receive highly esteemed degrees that would bolster their future career prospects.

How to Apply: Basic Requirements

There are three intakes in the USA, Spring, Summer and Fall terms. Most countries have only one or two terms, but the US has a unique system. The Fall semester begins in late August or early September whereas the Spring semester begins in early January. The Summer semester may start in May but it is only valid for limited courses and universities.

International students are required to attach their English proficiency test scores with the application, as TOEFL or IELTS. Some universities require specialized test scores like SAT or ACT. If the student applies for graduate school then GRE or GMT additional test scores are mandatory to attach with the application.

Why Study Abroad?

According to the statistics, 306,141 US undergraduate students participate in study abroad programs each year. When we compare the proportion of foreign students all over the, who apply to graduate schools, the number rises into the Millions. Now the question is “Why should I apply to a foreign university?”

And the answer is because it would expand your knowledge without limits. This experience would be a challenge for you, but the outcomes will amaze you. Stepping out from the comfort zone and immerse in diverse cultures, languages, and traditions which helps you to blow your mind. It will provide you top quality education as well as surpass career opportunities.

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